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Re: Bug#457305: Announce of an upcoming upload for the common-lisp-controller package

Quoting Luca Capello (luca@pca.it):

> Continuing the package cleanup, I found a lintian warning about debconf:
> =====
> W: common-lisp-controller source: translated-default-field templates: 13
> N:
> N:   You should not mark as translatable "Default:" or "DefaultChoice:"
> N:   fields, unless explicitly needed (e.g. default country, default
> N:   language, etc.). If this Default field really should be translated,
> N:   you should explain translators how they should translate it by using
> N:   brackets. For example:
> N:
> N:     _Default: English[ Default language name, but not translated]
> N:
> N:   Refer to the po-debconf(7) manual page for details.
> N:
> =====
> It seems that the patch below is enough for lintian to be happy, but I'm
> not a debconf/translation expert, so I'm here looking for help.
> FWIW, I also included the removal of a trailing space at the end of a
> line.  AFAIK changing a debconf template requires new checkout for the
> translations, I guess that combining both (lintian fix and removal) will
> demand less burden for translators.
> --8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
> diff --git a/debian/templates b/debian/templates
> index 3e67b49..d885a2b 100644
> --- a/debian/templates
> +++ b/debian/templates
> @@ -10,17 +10,17 @@
>  Template: common-lisp-controller/short-site-name
>  Type: string
>  #  Default site name
> -_Default: Unknown
> +Default: Unknown

I think that having a translated Default here makes sense. It means
that French users would for instance get "Inconnu" (French for
"Unknown") as default value for that setting, which is correct.

That warning could, imho, deserve a lintian override.

Very often, translatable Default value do *not* make sense, that's why
the lintian warning is here.

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