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Re: reportbug 3.40: Please translate the package reportbug

On 08/05/08 15:02 +0200, Frans Pop said ...
> Y Giridhar Appaji Nag wrote:
> > On 08/05/08 14:09 +0200, Christian Perrier said ...
> > reportbug is probably the only way our users can get in touch with us
> > easily
> > and it is unfortunate that there are barely any translations.  As one of
> > the co-maintainers I am trying to fix that.
> IIRC the translation of reportbug has been discussed before and one argument 

Can you please point me to that discussion if you still have the link to that
thread around?  I tried searching but couldn't find any.

> for maybe not translating it was that all Debian bugs should be filed in 
> _English_ and that translating reportbug might give a too strong impression 
> that it is OK to report bugs in your native language.
> Have any safeguards been included to prevent that users will file bugs in 
> other languages than English?

No, there are no such safeguards in place.  We could add a prominent note when
reportbug is invoked, indicating that the bug report has to be in English.

Thanks for bringing this up.


Y Giridhar Appaji Nag | http://appaji.net/

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