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Re: reportbug 3.40: Please translate the package reportbug

Y Giridhar Appaji Nag wrote:
> On 08/05/08 14:09 +0200, Christian Perrier said ...
> reportbug is probably the only way our users can get in touch with us
> easily
> and it is unfortunate that there are barely any translations.  As one of
> the co-maintainers I am trying to fix that.

IIRC the translation of reportbug has been discussed before and one argument 
for maybe not translating it was that all Debian bugs should be filed in 
_English_ and that translating reportbug might give a too strong impression 
that it is OK to report bugs in your native language.

Have any safeguards been included to prevent that users will file bugs in 
other languages than English?


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