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Re: How much unbranding in Debian templates

On Thu, Nov 15, 2007 at 05:59:26AM +0000, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Helge Kreutzmann (debian@helgefjell.de):
> > Then for this case the way "out" would be to simply state that. Since
> > -However, since the Debian policy requires
> > +However, since .. is required in (all) Linux distributions
> Which becomes untrue as Debian!=Linux. Tricky, isn't it? :-)

Definitly. s/Linux/Free Software Distribution/ (but I like the version
below more)

> > > About the point raised by Helge: I don't really see why "the
> > > distribution" would be less clear than "Debian".
> > 
> > Because the user does not know where to look. Maybe I'm spoiled from
> > Science, but I'm used to be able to look things up. And "the
> > distribution policy" sounds very vague to me (and I understand
> > distribution here as a means to hand things out (=distribute), so I
> > don't know if the term is used in its general sense, or in the sense
> > of a Linux distribution). On the other hand, "Debian policy" is a very
> > well defined term which users can clearly look up or Google for.
> Sure, but the thing to look might be different whethe rone is using
> Debian or something else. So, our only choice is either being precise
> and specific.....and use branding......or being vague and leave up to
> the user to look for a reference that's suited for the distribution
> (s)he's using.

Exactly the issue. I would prefer the first (being precise) but of
course the latter (being imprecise/generic) causes more work for the
translation of CDDs. 

> After all, we might as well say simply "As the default shell is
> required to be POSIX-compliant" which is certainly true.

Thats acceptable. It would be nice, though, if something along would
be explained in README.Debian (which for dash is not the case). 

So to solve this template, I suggest this sentence, but this still
leaves the general case open.


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