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Re: debconf PO translations for the package clamav

Sorry I couldn't reply to this earlier.

On 11/10/2007, at 2:32 PM, Christian Perrier wrote:

Quoting Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña (jfs@computer.org):

Notice that when reviewers don't unfuzzy translations there are offloading

Maybe the following will explain a little bit more:




got the point, Javier? :-)

Given that there is ATM *no* automated way to unfuzzy translations and
even if there is one, no automated way to unfuzzy *some* translations,
the added load for me would be considered unsustainable by me.

I constantly have between 20 and 30 reviews under work simultaneously
(the whole process takes about 40 days) and I really can't sustain
increasing the legnth of the "prepare call for translations" step
without adding too much load.

So, sorry for offloading a little bit to translators but this is what
makes this process a collective process, right ? :-)

And I even share it a bit because I often fuzzy my own French
translations....and indeed I find this a good opportunity to review
and improve it.

In support of Christian's POV, not only do these minor changes give us an opportunity to review our translations (some of which haven't been updated for years), but Christian also uses the gettext feature msgid-previous [1].

In my PO editor [2], both the new msgid and the old one are displayed, and even the tiniest change (including spacing) is highlighted. It's very easy to see the changes.

If your PO editor doesn't support msgid-previous yet, it should. It's not that new a feature. Lobby the developers. ;)

from Clytie

Vietnamese Free Software Translation Team

[1] The msgid-previous feature allows translators to diff between different versions of strings. It is particularly useful when a string is complex or
long and detailed. When a string has changed the PO file looks like this
(simple and brief example):

#, string header
msgid-previous "This is the old string"
msgid "This is the new string"
msgstr "This is the old string translated"

The translation editor can highlight the changed words, in this case,
"old" and "new" in msgid-previous and msgid. It's a big help in updating
files. Without msgid-previous, when you notice a long help screen has been changed (fuzzy), it actually takes less time to translate the whole thing
again, than it does to pick through it and try to work out what has
changed. So msgid-previous saves us translation time, and ensures we focus
on what has actually changed in the string.


[2] LocFactoryEditor, an excellent editor but unfortunately only available for Mac OSX.

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