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Re: [D-I] Status of console-setup switch

> I tested with Bulgarian. After the reboot I notdt that both
> console-setup and console-cyryllic are installed. My impression was that

Ouch. console-cyrillic is not supposed to be there..:-(. I wonde what
dit it drive here.

The place where console-cyrillic is installed is localechooser's
finish-install script. And it is installed only for languages where
the languagelist last field begins with "cyr="......and, precisely in
that test image, all those have got this replace with "console-setup"....

> I am not sure whether console-cyrilic's presence was part of the
> problen. Can we get an image that omits it for Bulgarian (at least)?

The point is: that one should have omitted it...:-(

> There was also one small glitch during the install (before the reboot).
> After installing locales, messages on the fourth VC contained garbage -
> obviously, because the installer switched to bg_BG.UTF-8, but the
> console itself did not support that yet.

Hmmm, haven't checked that yet. Does this work correctly with th
current *normal* D-I images?

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