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Re: [D-I] Status of console-setup switch

-=| Christian Perrier, 10.08.2007 09:08 |=-
> The most important languages to test are Bulgarian, Russian, French,
> [...]

I tested with Bulgarian. After the reboot I notdt that both
console-setup and console-cyryllic are installed. My impression was that
console-cyrillic is no longer needed so I removed it. Also, the font was
not set. The alternate keyboard layout was "Bulgarian (BDS)" instead of
what I chose ("Bulgarian Phonetic").

After removing console-cyrillic and re-configuring console-setup
everything came into place. During the reconfiguration I saw that
Bulgarian BDS is selected for the alternate layout, so it appears that
this information was not passed by D-I.

I am not sure whether console-cyrilic's presence was part of the
problen. Can we get an image that omits it for Bulgarian (at least)?

There was also one small glitch during the install (before the reboot).
After installing locales, messages on the fourth VC contained garbage -
obviously, because the installer switched to bg_BG.UTF-8, but the
console itself did not support that yet.

Would it be possible to set VC4 to use UTF8? Or, as a work-around, to
run the programs with LANG=C?
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