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[D-I] Status of console-setup switch

(this mail is of some interest for users of Arabic, Belarusian,
Bulgarian, Esperanto, French, Georgian, Greek, Hebrew, Lithuanian,
Macedonian, Russian, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese)

The first step for the console-setup switch ("db_set
debian-installer/charmap UTF-8" in localechooser) was done in
localechooser 1.41. Now we need to advance through the next steps.

So, I tried to make the changes proposed by Anton Zinoviev, two months
ago, in localechooser:

Adding this to the finish-install script:

> +    console-setup)
> +	apt-install console-setup || true
> +	db_set debian-installer/keymap '' || true
> +	;;
>  esac

And switch a few language to use console-setup:

> -French;1;fr;FR;fr_FR.UTF-8;;kbd=lat9u-16(utf8)
> +French;1;fr;FR;fr_FR.UTF-8;;console-setup
.../... (similar changes to languages listed above)

....then I tested a netboot install in French....and ended up in a
perfectly working system with correct support for French keybord at
the console and a very nice display with a very readable font

You can download a D-I netboot image with this feature enabled for the
above languages as of http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/d-i/netboot-cs.iso

To realy test that feature, you must run a *complete* install of a
Debian base system (do not select any task in tasksel), reboot in the
newly installed system and check that everything works properly at the
console (please note that, for arabic and hebrew, as we don't have any
BiDi-compliant console, the localization is not activated for root at
the console).

The most important languages to test are Bulgarian, Russian, French,
Esperanto, Macedonian, Georgian, Greek, Lithuanian,
Ukrainian.....correct *console* support for Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic,
Hebrew is not really expected and, anyway, doesn't work with the
current D-I


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