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emacs localisation framework... any taker ?

On 3 août 07, at 08:43, Richard Stallman wrote:

Let's focus on the basic job: implementing doc string translation
for help commands.

After that is working, those who are interested can try to make
Emacs Lisp mode display the translated doc strings.  I think it won't
work well, but if you think I'm wrong, feel free to prove it.

However, we should not let discussion of future steps distract us
from the first step.  Would someone like to try implementing
translation of doc strings for help commands?

A discussion started on the topic of emacs l10n a few days ago on emacs-devel and reached the above conclusion.


A similar (but shorter) discussion took place in 2001 but nothing happened because there were basically no takers to write the necessary code.

My understanding (...) is that the task involves elisp coding as well as C coding (for the emacs/gettext combination part).

Emacs lovers all over the world...  Any taker ?

Jean-Christophe Helary
(sadly not a coder, but willing to test and to contribute to the localization of the beast to French when the necessary code is laid down)

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