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Errors in DDTP

Hi Michael,

I noticed a few errors in the DDTP database which need to be fixed.

Since you told me that links similar to
should not be used (it's the little button after each language code in
http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?desc_id=8 which provides a DDTP mail
template) I rewrote my code to parse HTML files such as

I could indeed verify that the HTML files are in sync with Translation-*
files (at least for German Sid translations except a few which where
probably edited by other people short time ago via webfrontend).

Since this is not true for approximately 5% of the &getuntrans files I
suggest to drop support for it until only current translations can be fetched
this way as well. Please remove the link to these files and do no longer support
&getuntrans in ddt.cgi.

Please note that I consider mail templates as very useful, as I do not need to
parse HTML code. But providing old translations is not OK.

Checking all Sid descriptions (except for packages starting with a digit, since
http://ddtp.debian.net/0-9.html doesn't exist, such as 3dchess, 6tunnel, 9menu,
9wm, 9base, 4digits, 4g8, 915resolution) I found the following packages which lie
about their active state:

affiche anjuta basket education-desktop-other expect expect-dev gbib
ghc-cvs-prof gkrellm-ibam ibam id3ren lcdproc libcompress-zlib-perl
libembperl-perl libmdbtools libproc-process-perl luasocket mdbtools nco
pyqt-tools python-apt python-imaging-sane python-imaging-tk qvwm scigraphica
swi-prolog swi-prolog-sgml swi-prolog-xpce uclibc-toolchain verilog
crystalspace gnu-smalltalk openofficeorg-evolution ipe epiphany-browser
epiphany-browser udev swi-prolog openofficeorg-evolution bonfire beagle obconf
openofficeorg-gnome openofficeorg-kde openofficeorg kitchensync mdbtools
asterisk openofficeorg-gnome openofficeorg-kde epiphany-browser openofficeorg
epiphany-browser ktorrent asterisk ipe obconf

According to http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?package=affiche
affiche has two descriptions in Sid: 28741 and 109. According to DDTP both are
currently active and used which is obviously wrong.

I checked only Sid. If you want I can also check testing (requires approx. 3 hours
as fetching many little files via web site is slow).

Another minor error: The package doc-linux-html-pt has a wrong encoding.
That's probably the fault of the package maintainer, right? I will write a
bug report ... Maybe you could extent your encoding checks also to English
package descriptions?

am-utils consists of three paragraphs. Nevertheless the German translation
contains only two: http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?desc_id=194&language=de
Such kind of errors could be found also automatically. The same is true for
translations containing data in the first column (which needs to be empty) as I
wrote you already in a private mail.


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