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[D-I] Changes to D-I "level 1" statistics

This change will not really change many things but it just copes with
the switch to a "master" file, which happened...3 years ago..:-)

Up to now, the statistics for D-I "level 1" which you can see on
http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/l10n-stats/ were based on cumulated
statistics for individual packages that are part of the "core" Debian

This was inherited from times were translators had to update
individual files for the dozens of udeb packages that are part of D-I.

I changed this yesterday and, now, the statistics show the stats from
the "master" file in packages/po....

This will make informations received by translators as accurate as
possible and closer to their real work.

Davide, you should just check whether this affected the spellchecker
or not.


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