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Re: Please update debconf PO translation for the package dhcp3 3.0.4-15

> > # Should probably be dropped
> > Template: dhcp3-server/new_next-server_behaviour
> > Type: note
> > _Description: Change in default behaviour of the next-server directive
> >  From version 3.0.3, the DHCP server's default value of the
> Wouldn't this be "From version 3.0.3 onward" (and I would drop the
> comma)?

This template hasn't been proofread as it is currently unused in the
package. I reported a bug against the package to drop all templates
marked "sould be dropped". So don't waste time improving them (and
translating them....or just translate them quickly).

> >  next-server directive has changed. If you are network booting clients, and
> Is it really "network booting"? I'd rather say "If you boot clients
> over the network".


> > Template: dhcp3-relay/servers
> > Type: string
> > _Description: Servers the DHCP relay should forward requests to:
> >  Please enter the hostname or IP address of at least one DHCP server
> >  to which DHCP and BOOTP requests should be relayed.
> >  .
> >  You can specify multiple, space-separated, server names or
> IMHO no comma after "space-separated".

I disagree as the point is to both put emphasis on the
"space-separated" statement and make it clearly...separated from the
rest of the sentence.

So, unless this is too frenchy I'd rather keep it.

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