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Re: Review of draft press statement for Skolelinux/DebianEdu 3.0 Terra

Tirsdag 22 mai 2007 18:11, skrev Christian Perrier:
> Actually, I suggested that debian-l10n-english is used for the review
> and debian-i18n for the translation

Ups, sorry for that one. 

> Knut, what is your timeline for
> - the press release

The RC3 release of DebianEdu is schedduled to June 3d, and DebianEdu 
based on Etch on June 10th. I think quality ensurance on language 
should be done by June 3d. 

> - the translations

Translations ready June 7th. 

Best regards

Knut Yrvin
Prosjektleder Skolelinux
+47 908 95 765

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