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Re: Line wraps significant in po files?

Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> Hello,
> sorry if I post an obvious question, but during a recent translation
> the maintainer of the package asked me to keep "long lines" (i.e. each
> msgstr in one line) because he wanted to control the line breaks in
> the programm and not by the translation (i.e. breaking at white
> spaces).
> My question: Do line breaks in the msgstr influence the display? With
> line breaks I mean 
> "some text "
> "some other text"
> (and not explicit ones like \n). The rationale given by the maintainer
> can be found below.

No, the line breaks in the pot file are ignored: all strings are concatenated.
The above example is equal to "some text some other text".

Only with "\n" you get a line break in the resulting string.



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