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Line wraps significant in po files?

sorry if I post an obvious question, but during a recent translation
the maintainer of the package asked me to keep "long lines" (i.e. each
msgstr in one line) because he wanted to control the line breaks in
the programm and not by the translation (i.e. breaking at white

My question: Do line breaks in the msgstr influence the display? With
line breaks I mean 
"some text "
"some other text"
(and not explicit ones like \n). The rationale given by the maintainer
can be found below.

I really prefer to keep the line width below 80 characters (for
various reasons).



<the programm> is a combined CLI and GUI application (hence the --gui
command) and I appreciate that this may be unusual and not obvious
the POT file. One result of this is that <the programm> is designed to
provide error messages in a GUI dialogue in --gui mode and to the
console in cli mode (whenever --gui is not specified) as well as to a
debug file. This is intended to support data queries over an SSH
connection and the use of the program in various scripts or data
conversion routines.

As such, it tries to wrap long lines when outputting to the console so
that messages are split at spaces, not in the middle of a word. Where
the error messages in the msgid strings are all on one long line, the
intention is that the program performs the wrapping at runtime and
extra newlines in the translation may cause very odd output.

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