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Re: Untranslated text during "Select and install software"

> On Saturday 27 January 2007 23:03, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > This comes from debootstrap (or cdebootstrap, never
> > remember). However, though (c)debootstrap is translated in some
> > languages, these translations are not used when run under D-I....
> Huh?

Hmmmm. 23:03. Tired guess, I'm afraid.

> If it is during "select and install software" (i.e. pkgsel), this can not 
> have anything to do with debootstrap.
> AFAIK these come from apt and this should be fixed if latest apt is used 
> (provided the translation is up-to-date). If I run an install in Dutch 
> _everything_ is correctly translated.

Ah, that might explain. IIRC, apt is *not* translated in Hebrew (or is

> > This has been mentioned here and there during D-I development but
> > noone actually found the solution....or cared enough for solving this
> > out.
> I spent quite a bit of effort on tracing these issues and getting them 
> fixed (with thanks to Steinar for the actual patch) [1], so I'm quite 
> unhappy with this last statement.

Sorry, Frans, I did not mean to be offensive. Please accept my
apologies if this was. I'm afraid I'm not doing enough D-I installs
these days so I'd better leave you answer such questions.

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