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Re: Untranslated text during "Select and install software"

Quoting Lior Kaplan (kaplan@debian.org):
> Hi,
> I've ran today d-i daily build in qemu, and noticed that during the
> "Select and install software" section there were some untranslated text.
> I couldn't find this text in the master po files.
> Examples: "preparing" and "configuring". These (probably) refer to packages.
> Could people check this with other languages to make sure it's a general
> problem and not Hebrew specific.

This comes from debootstrap (or cdebootstrap, never
remember). However, though (c)debootstrap is translated in some
languages, these translations are not used when run under D-I....

This has been mentioned here and there during D-I development but
noone actually found the solution....or cared enough for solving this

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