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Re: Untranslated text during "Select and install software"

On Saturday 27 January 2007 23:03, Christian Perrier wrote:
> This comes from debootstrap (or cdebootstrap, never
> remember). However, though (c)debootstrap is translated in some
> languages, these translations are not used when run under D-I....


If it is during "select and install software" (i.e. pkgsel), this can not 
have anything to do with debootstrap.

AFAIK these come from apt and this should be fixed if latest apt is used 
(provided the translation is up-to-date). If I run an install in Dutch 
_everything_ is correctly translated.

> This has been mentioned here and there during D-I development but
> noone actually found the solution....or cared enough for solving this
> out.

I spent quite a bit of effort on tracing these issues and getting them 
fixed (with thanks to Steinar for the actual patch) [1], so I'm quite 
unhappy with this last statement.


[1] http://bugs.debian.org/389261

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