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Re: [D-I] improper native spelling of 'belarusian' in the language choice menu

Dear  Christian, Gleb,

I'm sorry for this global mistake, which I didn't noticed.
Sure, belarussian word should be written as "мова" not "язык".

You can trust Gleb, he does right things.

Best regards,

> (please keep the CC list in answers)
> Quoting Gleb Rubanau (g.rubanau@gmail.com):
> > On 1/15/07, Eugeniy Meshcheryakov <eugeniy.meshcheryakov@googlemail.com>
> >
> > wrote:
> > >It should be fixed in localechooser's languagelist.l10n
> > >(or something like this) file. But in the past when I asked
> > >wheter it is correct translation the answer was that it is
> > >correct according to translator.
> >
> > I afraid he made a mistake. :( It's obviously wrong, as far as 'language'
> > is always translated as "мова" not "язык".
> >
> > Here's local community opinion:
> > http://forum.linux.by/viewtopic.php?t=8285&start=90 (two latest posts)
> Hmmm, not easy to guess when written in Belarusian...:-)
> Anyway, I'd really like to have Andrei's opinion on the topic.
> Andrei, you're listed as main coordinator for Belarusian so I'd rather
> give your opinion some weight....on the other hand, Gleb did most of
> the work in the last weeks, so in case we don't hear from you, I will
> tend to follow his suggestion and change "Belarouskii" to
> "Belarouskaya"
> (Gleb, please send me an appropriate UTF-8 file with, exactly, what
> you would like to see in the localechooser menu. I will commit
> it.....and will revert it only if Andrei strongly objects with
> arguments)

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