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Re: Ubuntu vs. Debian translations

Hi Peter,

Today at 6:37, Peter Mann wrote:

> every package should use any primary system for translation: Rosetta or
> Pootle or svn/cvs or only http po download + wishlist bug report -
> depending on author choice ... but every packager/maintainer and
> translator should know about this translation system ... so every
> translation is updated in upstream ...

That's not entirely possible.  Distributions *do* introduce changes
(patches such as panel menu changes in Ubuntu), and any translation
system used by such modified software should *not* automatically push
translations to originating software as well.

> and there is possibility to include distribution specific strings in
> upstream - like e.g. Ubuntu related strings in debian-installer big po
> file, which are never used in Debian, but strings are ready for Ubuntu
> (and one translator can translate strings only once)

The idea of minimizing work for translators is present everywhere.
Debian probably wouldn't want to include Ubuntu-only strings in their
translation files.

> yes, i know about exporting po files, i used export sometime - but why
> is so hard to provide clean http access to po files (only for download) ???
> are po files secret??? 

Of course they are not secret.  This is simply for the performance sake.

We have some plans to improve performance, when we may also enable
direct PO access.  However, since we're sometimes talking about large
PO files, it may still mean timeouts when exporting (our current
web-backend processes are limited to 30sec runtime).

> i mean if maintainer can import all translations from Rosetta to Debian
> ... so untranslated Debian strings could be translated after import -
> and maybe some fuzzy strings remain ... but better solution is
> cooperation between upstream and maintainer and SOME translation backend
> system ...

I agree it's better, but that's impossible to achieve in practice.
Translators using Rosetta are not always the same translators working
in other projects.  This means that such automatic "cooperation" would
be a source for conflicts, arguments and bad press.

However, where there are no conflicts and too much opposition, we are
happy to help with submitting translations upstream, and that's what
we do when someone registers a product in Launchpad and enables


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