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Re: Ubuntu vs. Debian translations

> so now i can (and i want) update sk.po file and file wishlist bug report
> against update-notifier and i know, maybe it's late because of frozen Etch
> i don't like Rosetta all along - so why we must translate same strings
> twice ??? why Rosetta translations doesn't propagate back to upstream 
> package sources???

Interesting question which currently has no answer. So far, from my
understanding, this is the same for many other upstream applications.

> another thing is: anyone (from team) can now translate debian-installer strings
> in Rosetta, so we have two different version ... anybody cares about it?
> (i encountered this problem only with Rosetta -> upstream direction)

Actually, as D-I i18n coordinator, I don't care about work done in
Rosetta for languages we already support in Debian. That means indeed
nearly all supported languages.

The only exception to this is, on their request, the translations from
the Kurdish team because they asked explicitely about using Rosetta.

Please note that what appears in Rosetta are translations for the last
release Ubuntu version of D-I, namely edgy.

This means that "debian-installer" translations there are anyway
incomplete with regards of the POT file for D-I.....so, someone
translating only there will *never* fully translate D-I.

I filed a support request to activate the "real" D-I in Rosetta and
have full control, myself, over activated languages there so that only
teams who explicitely mention they prefer using Rosetta can work there
(the Kurdish team only at this moment).

I don't expect much from this as we, the D-I team, ie the upstream for
that project, have no control about what's put in Rosetta.

I would also not recommend the tool to our teams, given the low
quality control it is currently including. I prefer quietly working on
the Debian i18n server, with the criteria and needs we have in Debian.

My main concern all around this is seeing that some languages have
started translation work in Rosetta for D-I while....D-I doesn't
support them at all: Afrikaans, Occitan, Breton and probably others I
forget about.

I don't see how these could be supported in the Debian Installer (and
as a consequence in Ubuntu installer) if these team never get in touch
with us to ask for their languages to be activated (which will anyway
not happen for Etch now, this is too late).

> so again: i want translate same string in same application only once

Each upstream should be responsible for its own translations and,
therefore, it is necessarily a contradiction to activate things in two
different places.

This may become different in the future if our respective tools are
able to communicate together and exchange informations.

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