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Re: debian-i18n-announce mailing list?

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On 01/15/2007 02:51 PM, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Hello,
> I recently had some private discussions with some subscribers of this
> list, namely Matej Kovacic and Josip Rodin, about a possible -announce
> list for i18n topics. They mentioned me that they actually missed some
> announcements by me about outdated D-I translations because of the
> (relatively) high traffic of debian-i18n.
> Thus, the idea of an -announce ML popped up. What would youpeople
> think about this?

	Personally, I would subscribe to the new maillist and I don't
see that as big issue, but another maillist is always something to
consider when our contributors are subscribed to a relative number of
maillists (as already pointed out) on this thread. So, one thing
comes to my mind, don't you think -devel-announce ir a right place
for such announcements?

	Another option is keep the more frequently messages on -i18n
and do weekly (or two weekly) compilation of what is the most
important for -devel-announce.

	The other thing that comes to my mind, is using a RSS feeder,
we could use "churro" with some news system (I don't have any ideas
on the system, so suggestions are accepted), and people that do not
want to subscribe to the maillist (i18n), can subscribe to the feeder
(not that I think they are very differently, but it could be not as
intense as a maillist).

	Kind regards,

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