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Re: Status of work on the Debian Pootle server i18n.debian.net:8080

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):
> On Sunday 14 January 2007 11:38, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > Last weeks have seen a lot of progress on the Pootle installation on
> > i18n.debian.net. This mail will try to summarize them.
> Thank you for the update, but, to be honest, I am more concerned about the 
> future plans and especially the moment that pootle will be opened for 
> actual use.

Which I don't see happening before several months...

> We have always identified as essential functionality:
> - the support for (and the ability to manage) team and translator
>   ownership of translations;

I actually still need to see if the current "assignment" feature is
able to address these needs

> - support for team review policy.

This is clearly something that needs to be implemented yet. We
mentioned this during the Extremadura i18n meeting as one of the key
features. At that moment, it was pretty hard for all of us to figure
all this out because the experience with Pootle inside the i18n people
was still very low.....and the experience of our procedures and needs
among the Wordforge people was still low as well.

The concept of teams and team review policies could easily be
something that we include as a goal for a GSOC project.

> I don't believe this is implemented yet (and you confirmed the first one 
> on IRC). Especially with the occasional horror stories of what happens 
> with "our" translations in Ubuntu sometimes in mind, I personally would 
> not like to see any of "my" translations (including the Dutch D-I 
> translation) to be opened up for modification through pootle before such 
> a mechanism is in place.

Actually, it's already possible to define you as the only person able
to admin the Debian Installer Dutch project. However, for this, I need
you to defin Dutch among your languages in

> I feel that at the very least translators should be able to lock down any 
> (individual) or all translations for their language before any editing is 
> allowed that could end up in uploads of packages.

This is partially possible, I think, with the permissions management

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