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Re: Request for translation updates in Debian packages before etch is released

> About the package:
> - It doesn't use debconf, so there's nothing to translate about that.
> - The po file and current translations (which I'm planning to package) can be
>   found in upstream svn repository at
>   http://pio.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/pio/trunk/pioneers/po/

Bas, thank you very much for your interest in i18n and your motivation
to collaborate with the Debian translators (or should I say "the
Knights of Knick-Knick"?).

Actually, Javier's mail was mostly focused on i18n of Debian specific
stuff. Of course, this does not blindly rule out upstream l10n work
because Debian can probably brin a lot of (wo)manpower to many of our
upstreams in that matter.

There's a chance that translators place such upstream translation on a
pretty low position in their priorities, but noone can tell.....so you
actually can try calling out for new translations here (debian-i18n).

I suggest you try using the "podebconf-report-po" tool (even if not
designed for non po-debconf translations, it works pretty well with
them by just using the "--podir" switch and probably adapt the defaul

About description translations, the current way to handle it does not
require much maintainer action, indeed....and, frankly, things are
really young on that matter and still need a lot of improvement.

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