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Re: Request for translation updates in Debian packages before etch is released

(from Javier's message in d-d-a last week)

> As we are on 'freeze' now and one of the things DDs *can* do during the
> freeze is to upload new translations (or translation updates), we would like
> to ask all Debian Developers to please upload all translations or translation
> updates available in the BTS as soon as possible. 

Please note that I restarted today a quite "aggressive" NMU campaign to
fix such issues.

This time, NMUs will be built and uploaded nearly immediately, giving
only 2 days to maintainers to react and without any l10n updates

I will *not* fix potential QA issues as I did during the autumn campaign.

This is a blitz action to try lowering the number of pending l10n bugs
as much as possible.

The "targets" are chosen according to the french l10n team priorities,
ie focusing on longstanding *french* translations.

"Collateral damage" will occur as I'll also fix all other l10n issues
for packages I will NMU, so expect your teams stats to improve in the
next days/weeks.

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