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Re: Bug#405968: utf8-migration-tool: [PATCH] remove the codeset and modifier of the current locale

I have uploaded a preliminary 0.4.4 release that includes more
comprehensive changes by Nicolas:


 utf8-migration-tool (0.4.4) unstable; urgency=low
   * Merged comprehensive patch by Nicolas François:
     - Strip encoding and modifiers in parser (Closes: #405967, #405968).
       NOTE: because we now strip the modifier, locales that feature one
       must be adjusted manually afterward. Locales affected include:
       Taking Catalan as example, the migration would be handled as from
       ca_ES@valencia to ca_ES.UTF-8, so ~/.dmrc content must be manually
       changed to ca_ES.UTF-8@valencia afterwards.
       Patches to cover those exceptions and restore modifiers are welcome.
     - Notify the user if no locale is set and exit (Closes: #405878).
     - Warn and exit when the current locale was not detected.
     - Parse LC_MESSAGES instead of LC_ALL.
     - Detect failure when renaming files.
     - Do not fail if ~/.dmrc is missing.
   * Moved window manager Depends to Recommends (handled by above patch).
   * Upgraded source to Standards-Version 3.7.2 (no change required).
   * Removed Tollef from Uploaders at his request.

Can interested parties (especially users of locales with modifiers) test
this and tell us whether it fixes all issues that were reported so far?

Martin-Éric Racine

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