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Re: Bug#405968: utf8-migration-tool: [PATCH] remove the codeset and modifier of the current locale

-=| Martin-Éric Racine,  9.01.2007 01:39 |=-
>        Taking Catalan as example, the migration would be handled as from
>        ca_ES@valencia to ca_ES.UTF-8, so ~/.dmrc content must be manually
>        changed to ca_ES.UTF-8@valencia afterwards.

Why can't this be automated? Requirement to hand-change ~/.dmrc makes
the automated tool less "automated".

In perl, that would be:

  # "ll_CC[.CODESET]" -> "ll_CC.UTF-8"

  # "ll_CC[.CODESET]@modifier" -> "ll_CC.UTF-8@modifier"

The [.CODESET] part in comments means that ".CODESET" is optional.

Someone using python might convert these appropriately.

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