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Re: debian-l10n-galician

El sábado, 23 de diciembre de 2006 a las 12:39:39 +0100, suso@riseup.net escribía:

> My purpose is to help joining those efforts allowing localization,
> translation and support to galician language in the Debian distribution.


 I would have liked it very much if you had contacted me before all of this,
because I have been involved in this for many years, and there's a couple of
issues you must be aware of.

 I started translating in the year 1999, and between 2003-2004 I got burnt
out, so I stopped completely.

 Then I started translating again when I got messaged by Christian about
some incomplete translations. I half-grudgingly fixed it, then fixed some
other translations, and when I noticed I had 100% in the 5 levels.

 However, even though I'm translating stuff again, I still consider myself
burnt out, so I set myself two conditions to deal with the condition:

 1- the translation must be the very best I can achieve. I hate bad
translations with a passion. I want to be proud of what I do.

 2- I must work alone. If someone else wants to work on something I'm
already working on, I stop. I have no interest in help, contributions or
coordination. I only expect people to tell me if they find any errors.

 I follow these rules faithfully: recently, mancomun.org imported my Firefox
1.5 translation to make a Firefox 2.0, so I stopped the Firefox 2.0
translation I was doing. Of course, they never told me they had done that; I
learned of that while looking at my referrer logs.

 I don't want to stop what I'm currently doing in Debian, so these are my

 1- I'm translating d-i and debconf templates. You will never translate
anything having to do with d-i or debconf templates.

 2- only I set the criteria I'll follow when translating.

 I set these conditions to deal with burnout, as I said before, and if they
aren't respected, I will have no other choice than to withdraw from Debian
translation to protect my health, and I don't want to do that.

 Writing this message was hard for me, so I hope you understand.

   Jacobo Tarrío     |     http://jacobo.tarrio.org/

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