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Re: Remind/ask DDs to apply translation patches before release? (and ask for new translations at the same time)

>      26 aptitude       -- fixes or updates to program translations

That one requires a big cleaning of the BTS as I think that nearly all
fixes are fixed. However, as Daniel works in darcs AND separates the
Debian packaging from the "upstream" development, I, as l10n
maintainer, can't add the correct debian/changelog entries when I fix
l10n in my repository copy.

This is very painful and it adds, imho, unnecessary load on Daniel
Burrows shoulders.

Also, maybe most of these "l10n" bugs are not really translation
bugs. For instance, there have been three different BR which mention
that "Y/N" answers are not localized as expected.

>      17 synaptic       -- fixes or updates to program translations
>      11 eagle-usb      -- po-debconf

I voluntarily neglected that one during the l10n NMU campaign because
of an RC bug

>      10 openoffice.org -- problems with l10n support

Not sure that these ones are translation bugs

>      10 e2fsprogs      -- fixes or updates to program translations

IGNOREd during the l10n NMU campaign, for whatever reason

>       9 atlas3         -- po-debconf

Ignored during the NMU campaign. I proposed to remove nearly all
templates. The maintainer does not completely agree and I finally left
him with a proposed patch. This package is one of the biggest in
Debian and takes ages to compile.

>       8 mpd            -- po-debconf
>       8 man-db         -- l10n issues, some translation
>       8 dak            -- po-debconf
>       8 amavis-ng      -- po-debconf

dak has been ignored on his maintainer request. Not sure about the
others. That can be seen on Lucas Wall page

> There are 1274 l10n bugs (412 of these over a year old, ~800 with a patch) and
> 600 of the total follow the [INTL:xx] format so they are most probably
> po-debconf translations which are waiting for inclusion.

Please notice, Javier, that during the NMU campaign, I indeed fixed
(or urged you to fix) a bunch of *your* own packages fur such

I'm not sure that we can do much now. The NMU campaign was an attempt,
and a very successful one....but I did it mostly alone (Thijs and
Tobias helped a little).

Thomas Huriaux and I briefly discussed on IRC about this. Thomas will
try to setup a robot on churro (i18n.debian.net) to generate a dynamic
page similar to the Lucas Wall page we used for the NMU campaign. That
page would sort package by scoring them for their pending l10n
bugs. It would then allow us to decide that we take packages which
reach a given level as a target for a l10n NMU. So, the NMU campaign
would indeed become permanent instead of being a one-time effort.

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