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Re: Call for translators: adduser man pages

> I did that last night before sending this call for translators. But,
> there is no valid address for the es translator, and I'd like to have

Javier answered but I want to add that you can use the
"--languageteam" option of podebconf-report-po if you want to notify
the Language-Team address in addition to the Last-Translator
address. That can be helpful in such cases.

Both addresses will be on the same Bcc: field and, therefore, both
will be aware, if they're attentive enough, that the other address has
been notified as well. So, avoiding collisions becomes their
respective duties.

For language teams, you'll get bounces....because some translators use
invalid addresses there, unfrotunately, but that's not a very big
deal...only slightly annoying.


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