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Re: iso-codes/iso_3166/fi.po translation from GNU TP?

On Tuesday 12 December 2006 12:22, Clytie Siddall wrote:
> Shouldn't this all be arranged with the maintainer for iso-codes?


I'm one of the maintainers of iso-codes, so let me clear a few things up. 
First, the Debian SVN is in fact the upstream SVN. We're releasing 
new "upstream" versions from exactly that SVN repository. Also, we keep the 
Debian specific parts in the same repository, that might explain the 

Concerning the ambiguity with the TP, I have to admit that I personally 
regard the files in the Debian SVN repository as more important, simply 
because those are the files which get released with the iso-codes tarball. 
We offer the possibility to translate via TP, because some translators did 
not want to work through other ways - which is perfectly fine. In order to 
get as many translations as possible, we accept the possible ambiguity. 
Unfortunatly, the Debian SVN and the TP are not completely in sync, because 
we (the iso-codes maintainers) have no possibility to keep the translations 
at the TP current. That would have to be done with someone from each 
specific language team. In most cases, there is noone, that's why the files 
at the TP are more likely to be outdated than the Debian SVN files.

All in all, if in doubt, use the Debian SVN. Or write to us, we're normally 
quite responsive with regard to translations -- after all, that's the main 
reason why iso-codes exist ... ;-)


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