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Re: [translate-pootle] gettext with non-en source language

On 28 sept. 06, at 16:45, Javier SOLA wrote:

Not only the online editor of Pootle will be able to display a second language to assist the translator, but it will also allow exporting files for offline translation that includes a third language. This is difficult to do with PO files, but it will not be a problem for XLIFF files. The XLIFF format permits including as part of a translation unit the source string, the target string, comments and what is called alternative-translations, which can be either translation memory information, previous translations of the same string or the translation to a third language.

If I am not wrong, only XLIFF 1.1 allows for more than 2 translation unit variants for a segment. XLIFF 1.0 is still very much bilingual only.

Jean-Christophe Helary

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