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Re: gettext with non-en source language

Quoting MJ Ray (mjr@phonecoop.coop):
> Question raised on -l10n-esperanto recently: can gettext be used for
> localising a program with a utf-8 non-English source language?  That is,
> the thing in the _("...") has accents and isn't English.
> I hope I expressed the question adequately.  The gettext manual seems to
> stress using English everywhere, so the answer isn't clear to me.  I 
> hope some people with relevant experience are reading -i18n.

Others have anwered pretty clearly....there is no guarantee that this
will work, in short...

Allowing such ways to translate from another source than English is a
topic that pops up here and now when talking about l10n
tools. Offering the possibility to do such "derived" translations is
among the TODO list of the Debian i18n server.

Here the goal would be to allow translators to use another translation
as the basis for their work. A use case was given by Rudy Godoy in a
discussion I had once with him-->allow Quechua translators to work
from the Spanish translation of programs instead of the English one
because they speak Spanish very well while their knowledge of English
is low.

Of course, that example can be expanded to many other
situations (translate from French for several African countries, etc.)

This is maybe not the case you describe: another case would be
translating an application orginally written in a non English language
an,d just use gettxtfor its strings......Here, I'm not completely sure
that there would be perfect solution.

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