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Re: gettext with non-en source language

Christian Perrier wrote:

Quoting MJ Ray (mjr@phonecoop.coop):
Question raised on -l10n-esperanto recently: can gettext be used for
localising a program with a utf-8 non-English source language?  That is,
the thing in the _("...") has accents and isn't English.

I hope I expressed the question adequately.  The gettext manual seems to
stress using English everywhere, so the answer isn't clear to me. I hope some people with relevant experience are reading -i18n.
This is maybe not the case you describe: another case would be
translating an application orginally written in a non English language
an,d just use gettxtfor its strings......Here, I'm not completely sure
that there would be perfect solution.
This is the real problem. Independently of Pootle being able to handle a non-English source language, in many cases Pootle already receives PO files generated by the upstream project. Gettext is necessary to generate those PO files... and it might not work if the source language is not correctly decoded by gettext... and the wrong PO files are generated.


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