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Re: why some descriptions are again as «pending» if they were submitted?

Martijn van Oosterhout escribió:
> On 9/12/06, Fernando Cerezal <kryptos21@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello, if you see http://kleptog.org/cgi-bin/ddtss2-cgi/es and select
>> the wget description, you will see the description is done. why it is
>> showed as «pending»?
>> It isnt the first time, and the previous time i asked in l10n-es list if
>> somebody was fetched some translation and nobody answered.
>> Is that a bug?
> What's probably happening is that the server sent the package again
> for some reason, or that someone did fetch it manually. Sometimes this
> also happens if the package has just changed description.
>> Sorry if i dont know completly how works the ddtss.
> At the moment it is a bit difficult to see why stuff like this
> happens. I have just added some more logging in the backend so next
> time it happens I should be able to see exactly what happened.
Its happened again, with exim4-base. You can see it at

Two days ago i asked in l10n-es list if somebody had fetched the
description and nobody has answer until now.

> If it works well enough I might make it so anyone can see the log, so
> you can see for yourself.
> Have a nice day,

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