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Re: l10n NMU campaign page almost ready

Lucas Wall <lwall@debian.org> (20/09/2006):
> Christian, Thomas and anybody wishing to help out with this:
> I finished reshaping the scripts and made a test run at my home in
> gluck. You can see the page at the same location of the podebconf
> campaign[1].
> The daily update cron is not running, but the mail interface should
> work. Feel free to test the scripts. When we are all comfortable with
> them I will reset and redownload all data.

After a few tests, one small bug found:

If you send an ITW, the package is correctly assigned, but the status
is not updated. See for example the hesiod package (ITW of Christian).

I also wanted to clear the "NMU" status for atlas3, but I assume it is
not possible to send a "[IGNORE:!]" at this step of the process.

For normal IGNORE (e.g. cdebootstrap in the current test page), it could
be good to "assign" this status, so that it is easy to find who we
should ask to know why this package should be ignored.


Thomas Huriaux

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