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Re: l10n NMU campaign page almost ready

On 20/09/06 11:26, Thomas Huriaux wrote:
> Lucas Wall <lwall@debian.org> (20/09/2006):
>> Christian, Thomas and anybody wishing to help out with this:
>> I finished reshaping the scripts and made a test run at my home in
>> gluck. You can see the page at the same location of the podebconf
>> campaign[1].
> Just a little thing:
>   Are the "NMU Bug" and "WNPP" columns needed?
>   For WNPP bugs (and ftp.debian.org bugs), the maintainer is
>   changed to "Orphaned" (or "Pending for removal") if a "O" (or "RM")
>   bug is detected. Or would you prefer an other field in the status.nmu
>   database?

Perfect. I'll drop the WNPP column. I guess the NMU bug column could
also go away.


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