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Re: Work started on Release Notes for Etch

On Tuesday 19 September 2006 17:13, Thomas Huriaux wrote:
> There is an unbreakable space hidden between "loaded." and "In". As
> this is not an ascii char, you have to specify the master document's
> charset with the -M option of po4a. However, as this char should be a
> normal space, it's better to fix the document than to add the charset
> switch.

Fixed in CVS.

> > - Could you add some documentation? Preferably including instructions
> >   how to convert an existing translation to use po4a and how to start
> >   a new translation.
> I will do that. Is a README text file OK or would you prefer an HTML
> page (or anything else)?

I'd suggest a README.po4a for now. If it is adopted as a general 
mechanism, I guess it will need documenting in debiandoc-sgml-doc.

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