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Re: Work started on Release Notes for Etch

On Monday 18 September 2006 16:16, Thomas Huriaux wrote:
> No problem, thanks.
> I have updated the files for the etch branch:
>   http://haydn.debian.org/~thuriaux-guest/po4a/ddp/

OK. Thanks.
I must admit that the PO file created by po4a looks a lot more usable than 
the one from po-debiandoc.

A few questions:
- What is the change in release-notes.en.sgml.diff?
  I can't see a real change there...
- Is a POT file created anywhere? How would someone start a new
  translation? Or does the "update-po" target handle that as well?
- Could you add some documentation? Preferably including instructions
  how to convert an existing translation to use po4a and how to start
  a new translation.

I am having second thoughts about the patch to the Makefile. The risk is 
that errors would not be caught in time as they will be lost in the huge 
log for website rebuilds. So, let's try first without that patch.

When that has been done, I guess the best thing to do would be to file a 
wishlist bug report against either debiandoc-sgml or release-notes (not 
sure if this should be treated as a general infrastructure thing or a 
release notes specific one) so that it can be implemented.
This also means that the machine used to build the website will need po4a 


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