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Re: Using "language packs" in Debian Installer

At Mon, 18 Sep 2006 14:27:56 +0200,
Frans Pop wrote:
> > Would that be feasible? The advantage over your proposal is that unused
> > locales would be removed right after udeb installation (they would
> > still be provided by the udeb though), reducing memory footprint for
> > the RAM disk. It would require additional logic in udpkg (or anna),
> > however.

> It would also require a change to localechooser as the installer should 
> not offer to change language after the deletion of translations has taken 
> place.
> I would not like to see this done for all installations: why handicap the 
> installer if a system has plenty of memory?
> I can see this as a possible change for lowmem level 1: instead of falling 
> back to only English, offer language selection and then display a dialog 
> that all other languages will be disabled. It should mean an almost 
> negligible change in the lowmem levels (one translation fits in ~0.5MB).

This (improving lowmem) is exactly what I said at Extremadura meeting :)

One minor problem is "if user back to main menu and choose another
language, what can we do?" as eddyp mentioned about other topic at
the meeting.

Kenshi Muto

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