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(forw) [translate-pootle] Translations for Pootle 0.10

For the Debian translators who already did work on Pootle translations
(ie translating the Pootle software itself):

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Subject: [translate-pootle] Translations for Pootle 0.10
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Hi list!

I installed release candidate 1 of Pootle 0.10 on our server at
pootle.wordforge.org. I updated the pofiles with the new POT file and
they are available for translation. 

Translations that were complete before are now at 76%. But don't believe
me, see it yourself with out new statistics interface!

Most of the new messages are part of the activation email that weren't
internationalised before. Translations of the visible interface messages
will appear in realtime in the interface as you translate them.

Pootle 0.9 translations are still available for download/update in a
seperate project. We might make another release of 0.9 soon for a few
minor bug fixes and to update all the translations. Thank you to
everybody that helped to translate version 0.9 that currently has 25
languages with more than 75% of the messages translated.

Even if you prefer an offline editor, please give the new Pootle a go
for a few strings at least. Please report any bugs that you might find.
We hope to make 0.10 a great release.


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