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Input support for Vietnamese

Hello all :)

My language will be supported for the first time in Debian etch. :))

However, I've belatedly [1] discovered that there are input issues for my language on Linux. To be blunt, Linux doesn't support the input of Vietnamese. Our community works around this by installing one or the other of input-software packages called xvnkb and x-unikey.

My Gnome team-leader, Duy (pclouds) has alerted me to this, and has also helpfully mentioned that he thinks both these packages are GPL, are of equal quality, and that he would be willing to create .debs for both of them. I don't know if he included the whole packaging process in that offer, but we can sort that out as we go.

He was also concerned about fonts, but I was able to tell him that Dejavu, which is not exactly beautiful but currently readable in our language, will come with Debian, and that I hope to persuade at least one of our community font authors to license some of his excellent Unicode fonts, so they could also be packaged.

Meanwhile, how do we integrate our "depends on" input methods into the Debian Install process?

Thankyou for your advice and help with this. I wasn't expecting it, and I hope it won't be too much of a hassle for other people.

from Clytie (vi-VN, Vietnamese free-software translation team / nhóm Việt hóa phần mềm tự do)

[1] Unfortunately, I'm not a Debian user myself, so some of these issues aren't as obvious to me as they would be if I were, if that makes sense. I use OSX, which supports my language out of the box. It didn't occur to me that other current systems wouldn't do the same. :(

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