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DDTP, PO format and the future Debian i18n infrastructure

So, now, the DDTP is something that gives results...good.

However, the current translation process (the mail interface) is a bit
different than the usual way translation teams are working. For
instance, this explains why the French effort is currently mostly
stopped for the DDTP.

What would be good now is getting an interface with the PO format so
that translators can work on PO files for DDTP translations.

Grisu, before we get the nice infrastructure (probably based on
Pootle) which we will discuss in Extremadura, do you think that some
crude way to get PO files for the DDTP would be possible ?

That requires writing something that will convert the Debian
descriptions and their translations to PO format. IIRC, Otavio did
write some stuff already, 1 or 3 years ago.

Maybe a po4a module would be possible.....this should be checked with
"Mr. po4a", namely Nicolas François (and his fellow co-maintainers:
Thomas Huriaux, Martin Quinson, etc).

These are things to think about in the next month, fellows....do some
good work while I'm resting here under the rain^W sun of Mexico.


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