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Re: [Buildd-tools-devel] [Fwd: Re: Please translate schroot]

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> writes:

>> BTW, 4 of the Swedish strings in po/sv.po are now fuzzy due to a few
>> incorrect positional parameters I fixed.  I also removed the vi
>> translation for the time being, due to it being rather out of date.
> I fail to understand the rationale here.
> If a translation is out of date, it won't be used so I don't really
> see what's harming in keeping it.

It was only 1/3 complete.  Having only some of the strings translated,
and the rest in English seems to be worse than all translated or all
English--there's no consistency, which (IMHO) makes the program output
more difficult to read.

> Or did you just *disable* the translation, ie remove it from the
> LINGUAS variable in the Makefile (if that's what your build system uses).

I removed it completely, but it's still in SVN if anyone wants to
resurrect it.  If it's normal practice just to remove it from LINGUAS,
I can restore it in a jiffy.


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