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Re: [Buildd-tools-devel] [Fwd: Re: Please translate schroot]

Denis Barbier <barbier@linuxfr.org> writes:

>   msgid "schroot configuration generated by %1% %2% on %3%"
> can hardly be translated if there is no comments telling what strings
> will be substituted to these numbered arguments.  Something like
>   #. %1% = configuration file
>   #. %2% = host name
>   #. %3% = date
>   msgid "schroot configuration generated by %1% %2% on %3%"
> would help a lot, and do not hesitate to write more accurate comments ;)
> As said by Luk, those comments have to be written just above this string
> in the source file, and xgettext will extract them automatically.

I've now done this, and a new test release tarball is here:


Is this OK?

BTW, 4 of the Swedish strings in po/sv.po are now fuzzy due to a few
incorrect positional parameters I fixed.  I also removed the vi
translation for the time being, due to it being rather out of date.


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