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Translations for upcoming Pootle 0.9


We're preparing for the 0.9 release of Pootle. We would like to release
0.9 with as many translations as possible, but we need to do the release
very soon. We have decided to go ahead with the release, which will
probably be sometime tomorrow (14 June). Updated translations can be
released soon with version 0.9.1.  

Several translators have asked for opportunity to update their
translations before we release. This message is therefore sent to the
people who specifically wanted to update these before release (forgive
me if I left someone out), and to the Pootle related mailing lists where
most people interested in translating Pootle is probably subscribed. I
have merged the new pot file and we are hosting a simple Pootle
installation of the upcoming 0.9 release.  Translations that were
reasonably complete before, would now be at about 80% (with less than
200 untranslated words).

There is therefore an opportunity to update the translations for the
eager few who happen to get this message in time before we release the
new version. Other translations can be added shortly in a followup
release. If your language is not listed under the Pootle project, or not
yet on Pootle at all, write to the Pootle mailing list: translate-pootle
(at) lists.sourceforge.net.

You can register on the server at 
You will not get email to confirm registration on this server - I'll
approve them each by hand, so it might take a while (especially while
I'm sleeping :-)  You can of course download the po file and translate
it offline using your favourite po editor and upload it later or post to
the mailing list.

Those who want the pot files, they are available at
Of course translators should check first to see if the translation for
their language has not already been started with.

Please use this opportunity to report any issues with the pot file, your
language's plural settings, Pootle, or anything else,  on the
translate-pootle mailinglist.  We realise that the usability of Pootle
is still not ideal, but with the changes in this version, improving on
these will be much easier than before.  Your translations should become
visible in real time on the running server.


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