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Re: OK now (was: )Re: [D-I] New strings in partman-lvm: WAIT before translating! I need explanations by maintainers.)

Quoting Bjørn Steensrud (bjornst@powertech.no):
> onsdag 31 mai 2006, 06:27, skrev Christian Perrier:
> > Most needed changes to partman-lvm templates have been made. you can
> > now update translations.
> Should  string 1299 read "in ${VG}"  instead of "in VG" ?  At least, 
> that's what I put in the translation, as the abbreviation "VG" doesn't quite
> work in nb  :-) 
> That's at line 9726 in  template.pot

This is actually the only string that's likely to be changed at some
moment, indeed.

I can't really tell right now because I'm trying to keep up with
recent changes while I'm in a quite jerky network situation (see my
upcoming blog entry about the fun trip to Bhutan....I'm currently
writing this very mail by hacking the wireless network of the Bangkok
airport which I'm stuck in for 8 hours...:-))

Unfortunately, this is the exact moment chosen by l10n-sync to break
constantly so that I'm having hard times syncing the master files with
changes induced by maintainers in several packages.


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