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license of translations


debian-i18n is going to setup an translation infrastructure.
It would be nice to have a discussion and some advices about the
translations' licenses.

I would like to avoid the positions of two other projects:

 * The Translation Project is asking for a (paper) disclaimer for the GNU
   translations [1] (I find it too restrictive)

 * Translations from Rosetta do not contain the name of the contributors
   (how to relicense a software with such a translation?)

For the Debian L10N Infrastructure, we would like to receive (at least
proposals for) translations from unsubscribed users for different kinds of
document, with different licenses. The easiest way would be to indicate
that the licenses of the translations done with this infrastructure are
the same as the original documents.

Is it sufficient to have such a notice in the documentation of the L10N
infrastrusture (or on the main page, all pages, on mailing list
subscription, etc.)?

The infrastructure will also serve some files (e.g. PO files), which
contain original strings (e.g. the strings used in the software). These
files may not contain a license (when they are taken out of their source
tree) or a copyright notice. Do you think it is a problem we should take
into account while building this infrastructure? Do you have an idea on
how it can be solved?

[1] http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/translation/HTML/disclaim.html

Thanks in Advance,

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