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[D-I] New strings in partman-lvm: WAIT before translating! I need explanations by maintainers.


A lot of new strings have appeared recently in partman-lvm (more than

Before working on their translation, please wait for me to figure out
with the package maintainer what is exactly their use. I'll then add

Maintainers, I need explanations for the following:

Template: partman-lvm/text/pvs
Type: text
_Description: PVs

In which context is it used?

Template: partman-lvm/text/lvdelete_invg
Type: text
_Description: in VG

(seems to be a part of a reconstructed sentence. Is it?)

I also have concerns for the wording: "Physical Volume" and "Logical
Volume" are capitalized at some places which is typographically
incorrect. I see no reason for an exception here.

I also plan to change this:

Template: partman-lvm/mainmenu
Type: select
# LVM main menu choices
# Translators : please use infinitive form or the equivalent
# in your language
# Please keep your translations of the choices
# below a 65 columns limit (which means 65 characters
# in single-byte languages) including the initial path
_Choices: ${CHOICES}
_Description: LVM configuration action:
 Summary of current LVM configuration:
  * Free Physical Volumes:  ${FREE_PVS}
  * Used Physical Volumes:  ${USED_PVS}
  * Volume Groups:          ${VGS}
  * Logical Volumes:        ${LVS}

Incorrect comment. Untranslatable "Choices". Incorrect enumeration
style (and waste of space which may lead to wrapped lines).


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