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Pet release goal: support for packages description translations

> We believe this is warranted for these release goals because they
> significantly improve the overall quality of the distribution across
> packages, as well as etch's usefulness to a range of users.

i18n people, here's a draft of a request to the release team, after
Debconf discussions with Otavio and Grisu.

It is meant to try to officially have supprot for the DDTP material as
a release goal for etch...which seems feasible.

This is just a draft, please feel free to correct/amend/complete. I'm
mostly offline for the next days, so interaction might be a bit

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Please feel free to just tell me that's too late, but i18n-related
discussions at Debconf have shown that adding "support for packages
descriptions translations" as a pet release goal is somewhat
reasonable, at first glance.

A huge amount of material is currently available, as the result of the
DDTP work by l10n teams, up to 2002.

This material is mostly ready for being used and maintained, as files
named "Translations-*" meant to be hosted on Debian mirrors.

APT now includes support for such translated packages descriptions.

To use them, users currently need to add the following to their
sources.list file:

<fill blank here>

The next step would be to allow such files to go on official Debian
mirrors, which requires synchronization and discussion between the
i18n team and the ftpmaster team.

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